L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Det #206, "SCUTTLEBUTT NEWS", Jun 2024 - Page #4
MCLEF Gala 2024

All Hands

The Marines from Slattery Det #206 had the honor of doing the flag raising for the Marine Corps Law enforcementfoundation (MCLEF) on Saturday in AC.

We also had the honor of meeting 4 Medal of Honor recipients

(Names L-R)
1) Gunny Monaco 2) Sgt Monaco 3) Sgt Zon 4) Sgt McGinley 5) LCpl Zimmermann 6) Doc Patel

Sgt McGinley - LCpl Zimmermann - MOHBrian Thacker - Sgt Monaco- Doc Patel - Gunny Monaco

Gunny Monaco - Sgt McGinley - MOH Don Ballard - LCpl Zimmermann - Doc Patel - Sgt Monaco

Sgt McGinley - MOH James E Livington - Sgt Zon

Semper Fi

Gunny Monaco ret

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