L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Det #206, "SCUTTLEBUTT NEWS", Aug - Sep 2022 - Page #7
The Natural Glass Corvette Association Car Show


On September 18, 2022, MCL Slattery was invited to attend The Natural Glass Corvette Association Car Show Event held at Paul Miller Chevrolet in West Caldwell. The purpose was to implement a Rose Outing Fundraiser and MCL Slattery Membership Recruitment drive for the Detachment. MCL Slattery was invited to the event by the Association which MCL Slattery Members James Loizides and Tony Fiorentino belong to and are active members.

MCL Member Stanley Zon was the outing OIC attending the event from 0830 hrs to 1600 hrs. MCL Slattery Members attended and worked the event in Shifts: 0900x12:30-MCL Members Commandant Paul Brown, Anthony OSZMIANSKI JR, Steve Ferman, Tony FiorentIno and Teddy Jemas.

12:30x1600-MCL Members Tom Miller, Mike Dougherty and Cleveland Atwater We arrived at Paul Miller Chevy and set up our table, chairs, Red MCL Slattery tent, American Flag and Marine Corps Colors fixed to the tent with MCL Slattery banner out front. Staff of Natural Glass Corvette Assoc were extremely helpful and placed the Detachment location overlooking the show cars in a high pedestrian traffic area. The table was set up with collection containers, MCL Slattery membership applications, Roses and cards in large collection bowls.

The event was attended by approximately 1,000 local citizens from the local area towns. Natural Glass Corvette Association opened the event with The National Anthem at the attention of Our Colors at the Rose Outing Table. The Association announced the presence and purpose of MCL Slattery at the event on two occasions in public address and allowed Member Zon to speak about who we are and where the public donations go. The patrons were advised of who MCL Slattery is, what our mission statement is, what our past detachment contributions have supported and how we hold this event for continued support for our Veterans in the local North Jersey area. Numerous contacts were made with the attendees at the event. The support of attendees there was very positive. MCL Members walked the entire show with Roses, soliciting donations from patrons or stationery at the table greeting attendees who wanted to know about us.