L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Det #206, "SCUTTLEBUTT NEWS", Oct 2021 - #6
Report of Rose Outing Fundraiser Lake Hopatcong Block Party Event

Review of the Event and Future Recommended Changes: Member Andrews put out an email to all hands for Rose outing volunteers. There were not a large response and evaluation needs to be done if all members received the communication and what can be done to effect better two-way communication and participation. Volunteering for this event were MCL Members Zon, D Monaco, M Monaco and Steve Ferman. At event day and due to personal reasons, Members M. Monaco and Steve Ferman were unable to attend. Out of the group who responded, a team lead needs to be designated who will be responsible of the Rose Outing Detail and coordinating all other attendees. It would be effective then for that Team Lead to put out a SMEAC type of plan so the MCL Members attending all are aware of the plan for the event. In evaluation of our Rose Outing Gear, the Roses themselves, collection containers, clip board, MCL Business cards, MCL Pamphlets and MCL member applications were satisfactory and should remain without change. The large M

CL Slattery Detachment donation sign is severely faded, too large for a front table display and recommendation is for a new sign or banner type that can be mounted to a standard table height and secured properly for high winds. It is also recommended that MCL Slattery purchases at least two canopies in Red and on one side printed the MCL Slattery WEB Site of our detachment, as every person has a cellphone and can quickly look up our detachment prior to and during their contact at our event. It is also recommended that MCL purchase a set of both the Colors and Marine Corps Flag that can be mounted to our canopy at events like this or others. The high visibility of those attracts many patrons. Finally, it is recommended a thank you letter be generated from one of MCL Slattery Officers to Lee Moreau and the Lake Hopatcong Association and sent out without delay.

Overall, the Rose outing was a success with many contacts made and potential members instructed on our website and next upcoming meeting on October 6, 2021.

Respectfully Submitted
Stanley Zon, Junior Vice