L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Det #206, "SCUTTLEBUTT NEWS", Oct 2021 - #5
Report of Rose Outing Fundraiser Lake Hopatcong Block Party Event


On October 2, 2021, MCL Slattery was invited to attend The Lake Hopatcong Block Party Event held at Hopatcong State Park. The purpose was to implement a Rose Outing Fundraiser and MCL Slattery Membership Recruitment drive for the Detachment. MCL Slattery was invited to the event by Lake Hopatcong Association Committee Chair Lee Moreau,

MCL Members Domenic Monaco and Stanley Zon attended the event from 0900Hrs to 1600Hrs. We responded to MCL Member Andrew’s residence to load necessary gear for a Rose Outing Event. We arrived at Lake Hopatcong State Park and set up our table, chairs, tent all provided by the Lake Hopatcong Association. Mr. Moreau and staff were extremely helpful and placed the Detachment location overlooking the lake in a high pedestrian traffic area. MCL Slattery set up our fundraiser location with MCL Slattery sign on the front table, smaller signs on the canopy sides, Marine Corps Colors flying high to the left side of the canopy for high visibility to the public. The table was set up with collection containers, MCL Slattery membership applications, Roses and cards in large collection bowls.

The event was attended by approximately 1,800 local citizens and government members from the supporting area towns. The crowd, Lake Hopatcong Association and fellow display vendors were extremely polite and honored by our presence. Mr. Moreau opened the event with The National Anthem and Raising of our colors which was called by Domenik Monaco. Mr. Moreau announced the presence and purpose of MCL Slattery at the event on two occasions in public address and allowed Member Zon to speak. The patrons were advised of who MCL Slattery is, what our mission statement is, what our past detachment contributions have supported and how we hold this event for continued support for our Veterans in the local North Jersey area. Numerous contacts were made with the attendees at the event. Many shared stories of deployed family in various branches of service. The support of attendees there was very positive.

At 1600Hrs, the event was completed, Rose Outing collection point broken down and MCL members Zon and Monaco departed. We arrived home and took inventory of funds raised at the event and all gear for return to MCL Slattery Detachment. The total donations for the day were $803.00. Two MCL Slattery Member applications were accepted, one potential applicant paid a one-year membership and $50.00 was collected from him. The second potential member will respond to MCL October 6, 2021, meeting to meet current members and finalize either annual or life membership. All Donation funds counted were inventoried on a currency report, signed by MCL Members Zon and Monaco. The donation funds were secured with Domenick Monaco as well as the two member applications and one collected membership fee of 50.00, for transport and report to MCL Slattery at the October 6, 2021, meeting. Member Zon will not be available to attend this meeting.

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