L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Det #206, "SCUTTLEBUTT NEWS", Jan 2021 - #5
Jr. Vice Commandant

Hello Marines, Corpsmen and Associate Members,

My name is Paul Brown and I am the Jr Vice Commandant for the L/Cpl Robert J. Slattery Detachment #206. I am going on three (3) years with the Detachment and this is my second term as Jr Vice Commandant.

A little history: I joined the Corps in 1967, and went to Parris Island for Boot Camp. I went to Camp Lejuene for ITR and machine gun school my MOS is 0331 guns. I was sent to Vietnam in January of 1968 and served with Alpha Co. 1/1 2nd Platoon (Commandant Eddie Neas was in 1st Platoon at the same time although we never met in Nam) and Bravo Co. 1/1 weapons and free lance Squad Leader.

I have been working with the Mike Lewis - Senior Vice Commandant on a consolidation of the Detachment Committees. We went over the list and either eliminated or combined Committees. The Committees that were terminated was not due to lack of participation, support or enthusiasm they were deemed not necessary at this time. Mike also came up with a few new Committees that we deemed viable at this time like the Technology Committee to help us keep up with the times. I will be checking with the Committees to see if they need any assistance.

I will be working with Debbie Burkland the new Paymaster to ensure dues are paid on time and also help track delinquent members and try to get them to join us at our monthly meetings.

Paul Brown
Jr. Vice Commandant

Quarter Master Corner

Quarter Master Corner

Cpl Steve Ferman Quarter Master

Hey there fellow Marines, I have been appointed as Quarter Master, and while Artie will be missed, I will do my best to uphold the tradition and add some new flare to our arsenal of clothing. The commandant Eddie Nease and I have visited Trenton Joes and looked at a bunch of new clothing for our detachment, to include Light Weight Golf Polos, Sport Tek Jackets, Micro Mesh poloís (great for the hot weather coming)some fleece vestís and embroidered new shirts, Jackets and covers. Of course, with the current situation we have put the order on hold until we can all meet again but we are working on some updated Red, Black, Navy and other color gear that can be purchased. I will be getting samples for us all to see as the restrictions are lifted and we can all get back together again. We are also working on an online store that you can browse and purchase items as well.

Steve Ferman