L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Det #206, "SCUTTLEBUTT NEWS", Aug 2021 - #9
Installment #1: The Slattery 'Ole Corps'

We see the Slattery Detachment is in the process of changing. Old members either move or pass on. New members come in and take their place. This is typical and happens in all organizations. Sadly, some organizations fold. Slattery just moves on.

With this change our history is sometimes forgotten to some degree as the new members either don’t know the entirity of certain events or misunderstand them.

This takes me to the events of 10 to 15 years ago or more and why they are so important to not only the “salts,” but also to the entire detachment. Here is what we did in 2006 when I joined Slattery.

Raising funds was important to us as it is today. We peddled the “Roses” on the street as well as different stores. I remember when we were at the turn-a-round near Home Depot on Route 10. I was moving in and out of traffic north of the lights and several members doing the same south of the lights. Yes, dangerous but we were young then - I wouldn’t try it now.

It caught the attention of the East Hanover Police Department. They soon contacted us and that put an end to that. Fire Department can still do it, but then we aren’t from East Hanover. We still make our moves at the stores and do fairly well, although it isn’t as much fun as dodging autos.

One of our main events was going to Bethesday Naval Hospital and after they closed, to Walter Reed National Military Hospital. Those were the days when the Iraqi was was at its peak and we went down every month with 5 to 7 members or friends of the detachment. At first (2005 - 2006) it was via one of our personal cars. After that on the train.

On the train was a perk we got from AmTrac thanks to Rodney Freinhausen. He got us the tickets for round-trips from Newark to Washington and back. This happened once a month and we didn’t have room for all that wanted to come some months, plus the war was escalating at that time.

When we went down we took things for our various wounded military members. We did not discriminate according to what service the veteran was in. Here is one of Eddie’s reports from January 2008 to give you an idea of the trip and it’s happenings.

View all reports: Slattery Det. 206 Hospital Trip Reports: www.oohrah.net/206sgtmaj/

Walter Reed Army Hospital Trip Report

The following Marines, family and friends from the L/Cpl Robert J. Slattery Detachment Marine Corps League and the NJ Monthly Magazine made this trip. We visited the men and women at Walter Reed Army Hospital on Wednesday 28 January 2008.

Our members who went down were Robert Stalzer, Marc Purcelli, Father Mike Hanly, Eddie Neas, Linda Neas and Tom Miller with Jane Byron and Pete Byron of the NJ Monthly Magazine. We left Newark, NJ Penn Station at 0546 and arrived in Washington DC around 0850. After a short ride on the Red Line train we then went on a short walk to the hospital.  Weather was not too cold, so it was a good way to get our hearts pumping. We arrived at the hospital about 0930.  

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