L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Det #206, "SCUTTLEBUTT NEWS", Aug 2021 - #6
Jim Crupi Memorial Services
The Jim Crupi Memorial Services

On July 24th a memorial was held for Slattery member Jim Crupi. Jim departed on April 5, 2020 during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, due to its causes. The Memorial Service was held in his church, St. Therese’s Roman Catholic Church, in Succasunna. Crupi’s two daughters, Terry Miller and Linda Keane greeted the attendees as they entered the church. They passed out an “In Loving Memory” card to each guest (see meaning below). We gave each daughter a detachment coin for their remembrance of just what Jim meant to us. 

The full mass service was attended by 50 or so friends, relatives and five Slattery members. The members in attendance were Keith Butler, Monika Flaherty, Mike Dougherty, John Andrews and Tom Miller. Linda started the service off with a little humorous eulogy, telling about Jim’s joke telling and love for the detachment. 

The full mass ended with Keith, Mike and Tom going up to the altar where Keith placed an Eagle, Globe and Anchor on the table with Jim’s picture. It ended with the three saluting.

After the memorial service was over the 5 members gathered outside of Saint Therese’s for a picture. Three of the members went to the Pleasant Hill Cemetary in Chester where Jim is buried. There a small ceremony was held with a Marine Color Guard holding a short ceremony and the folding of the flag. SSGT Tallman and Sgt. Lopez are from Picatinny and the taps bugler is a non-veteran who has volunteered his services for the past two and a half years. The civilian bugler is from Bugles Across America. After folding, the flag was then presented to the sisters. The Guard did an outstanding job. 

Crupi was one of a kind - "the Old Corps". Whenever the detachment needed help, around the corner came “The Crupster”. You could count on him at funerals, Rose Outings, Golf Outings, parties or socials or whereever, Jim was always helping to raise funds or lend a hand. He will be missed, love by all and missed by all. Rest in Peace Marine you have done a great tour.

Note: Each card is to be filled out with a memory, a story or a joke that he told you. Keith picked up some cards for Mike to bring to the August meeting. So, if you didn’t get a card, just write how you feel towards Jim and mail the joke, story or memory to the daughter below. They plan on creating a book with the responses. 

Mail responses to: Linda Keane, 6 Milville Court, Ledgewood, NJ 07852