L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Det #206, "SCUTTLEBUTT NEWS", Aug 2021 - #2
Commandant's Corner

Commandant’s Corner
Hello my fellow Slattery Members.

On 18 July 2021 I was happy to attend the Department of NJ Mini Convention in Sea Girt. It was also attended by our Junior Past Commandant Eddie Neas and our Sr. Vice Commandant, Paul Brown.

We were pleased to be honored by the presence of the National Commandant, Dennis Tobin, who performed the Installation of officers including our New Department Commandant, John Cleary.

Now that Covid is (Hopefully) coming to an end, we need to begin fundraising again. Please let any officer know if you are willing to set up an outing and we can get you the supplies.

NEW MEMBERS NEEDED. I know this is self-explanatory, but we need new members to keep the detachment going strong. A new member that joins and attends 3 consecutive meetings will have his membership fees covered for the detachment for the 1st year. The member who brought in a new member will have his annual social cost reduced by $10.00 for every new member.

Dues: Dues for this upcoming year are $50.00 and are due no later than 8/30/2021 to stay current.

Budget: We are looking to have an annual budget completed by October so we can plan for the 2022 year. Please send paymaster any expense you think we may have for the next year.

We are still in the process of updating our website so we need input. What do you want to see on the website? Do you have information that should be distributed to the other members? Get it to us and we can get it to others.

Don is looking for any information you can provide: don@oohrah.net .

Thank you! Thank you to all the new members, Thank you to all the Officers (Current & Former). Thank you to all who participate and for those who will participate in the future.

Semper Fi,

Michael V. Lewis
L/Cpl. Robert J Slattery Detachment, # 206
Marine Corps League
Whippany, NJ


Ple ase see below schedule of events. I will try and send this out at least Monthly to the entire detachment. If you have any events please send to me and I will update.

Please include: Date of event ~ Type of event ~ Cost if any ~ Contact info if needed

  • 9/8 *** - Membership Meeting – 7:30 – Election Of Officers
  • 9/17 – Marines Care Golf Outing – Picatinny
  • 10/6 - Membership Meeting – 7:30 – Installation Of Officers