L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Det #206, "SCUTTLEBUTT NEWS", Nov-Dec 2020 - #7
Camp Lejeune

Date: Monday, November 16, 2020 4:03 PM

Linda and I were at Camp Lejeune last week for a few reasons. On Monday November 9th we were invited to attend a Marine Warrior Luncheon at New River Air Station. Lunch consisted of shrimp cocktail, steak, and lobster with all the trimmings and side dishes. Yes, it also included a slice of Birthday cake. We ate with Marines and Corpsmen serving our country today. After I ate, I went around and talked with the Marines enjoying a good old Marine Corps meal. Chow was never like this back in my day.

Another reason I was at Camp Lejeune was to meet with a few units looking for a few Marines or Corpsman who could use some financial help in getting home for the holidays. I had a good visit with two units that are participating in getting names of Marines and/or Corpsmen for Slattery Detachment and the Knights of Columbus. We are planning on paying for their airfare and putting money in their pockets when they get home.

I met with SgtMaj Armentrout at the SNCO Academy at New River Air Station and she will be giving us the names of three PFCs who could use help. The Slattery Datehmnet will work these three.

I then met with the XO, LtCol Stone and 1stSgt Cruz of Headquarters, 1oth Marines at Camp Lejeune. BTW, 1stSgt Cruz is from Paterson, NJ.

They have five names for us, two are from New Jersey. In talking with the XO, they went to Legal to make sure that what we wanted to do was ok and it is. They then asked if we would mind if they did a Public Affairs announcement on us. I am not sure if it would be an article in the base newspaper or some sort of video. They are more than grateful that we are looking to do this as it has never been done before that they know of. One of the Marines is in bad financial shape and is taking care of his siblings, not sure how many.

Gunny Monaco have five names from the Semper Fi Fund at Camp Lejeune, two Marines and three Corpsman. Three of the five are local to New York and New Jersey.

I then went to All Points Travel, the travel agency on Base, it used to be called SATO back in my day. The point of contact I was given is Eric Sullivan, get this is, he is from East Hanover, NJ. Yes, I had my Slattery Detachment shirt on, and he saw Whippany, NJ. The Marines who are planning to make airline reservations would contact Eric. He will set them up and the Slattery Detachment or K of C will provide Credit Card information and pay for the plane fare. We would then FEDEX a gift card of $500 to be used while they are home on leave. The Agency Manager and Eric said they would do everything they could to get these Marines home for the holidays and work their magic to accommodate them and us for costs.

We have more than a few Organizations we partner with wanting to help on this and now we have ten Marines and three Corpsmen that are interested.

No other Veteran Organization has ever done something like this at CLNC; so as usual, WE lead From the Front.

Semper Fi,
Neas Out

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