L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Det #206, "SCUTTLEBUTT NEWS", Nov-Dec 2020 - #3
The star is a gesture that "I still matter."

Thank you so much! I've got to reach out to both of you and tell you two just how much my daughter, Alexandra, loves the USMC blanket you sent. She LOVED that I was "looking for mine" in the mail haha! GOD bless the two of you and all the work that you do. The stars that we distribute really opens the conversation of appreciation with all those that receive one.

The growing consensus that I've experienced is that so many of today's veterans don't feel appreciated by our own country. I'm not talking about these kids of today who do 4 years then leave. I'm primarily talking about those 40-yrs old, and above. Like me. They feel their sacrifices have been overlooked.

I come across veterans daily, from 25 years old to 90 years old.

I have found that, when receiving the star, they often state that they (and the star) have something in common:

That they once were a part of something great, something majestic, something that millions looked at with pride, but have found themselves discarded. Forgotten. Buried in the bottom of the hallway closet under piles of other forgotten, discarded items.

The star is a gesture that "I still matter." That "I've never stopped mattering." "Every flag that flies today can only fly proudly today because of old flags like me that protected to pole, instilled the trust, elevated the pride, and reminded the brave souls of the past that (even if you NEVER hear a "thank you") as long as a new, younger, cleaner, majestic American flag is able to be raised and honored and saluted on that same flagpole then WE'VE DONE OUR JOBS.

GOD bless your family.

And GOD bless AMERICA.