L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Det #206, "SCUTTLEBUTT NEWS", Jan-Feb 2023 -Page #6


55 years ago, on January 31, 1968, at Hue City, Vietnam, at the start of the "TET OFFENSIVE", a U.S. Marine Corps Major became a HERO. Walter M. Murphy of Staten Island , a graduate of Curtis High School and Wagner College, did so at the cost of his life.

Before leaving for Vietnam, Walter Murphy visited the McSorley's Tavern in Manhattan. Legend has it that before New York soldiers called "Dough Boys" left to fight in Europe in World War I, they stopped at McSorley's ate chicken wings and wrote their names on the bones. The Dough Boys, mostly Irish , had the bones placed above the bar stating "I"ll be back for these". More than half did not return. Walter Murphy knowing this legend, and being a member of the Military Police (MP), took out a set of handcuffs and snapping them on the footrail of the bar stated "I'll be back for these when I return from Vietnam". The handcuffs are still there.

Major Walter M. Murphy was awarded the Silver Star for his heroic actions protecting his fellow Marines. His last words were "..God Please take care of my Marines". Major Murphy is at rest in Arlington National Cemetery.

Major Murphy's brother Henry "Hank" Murphy and a committee formed from the ranks of The Brighton Kiwanis Club and the Pvt. Joseph F. Merrell, MOH American Legion Post, will honor Major Murphy's memory on Tuesday January 31, 2023. They will place a likeness of Major Murphy on the walls of the Randall Manor and Doc Hennigans Taverns in West Brighton. They will also snap a set of handcuffs on the footrails in each Tavern/Restaurant.

In attendance were: Hank Murphy, Michael Brennan, SgtMaj Eddie Neas Alpha Co. 1/1 1st Platoon, Cpl. Paul Brown Alpha Co. 1/1 2nd Platoon, Angela O'Donnell daughter of Mike "Alphabet" Walcolyk Alpha Co. 1/1 1st Platoon. SgtMaj Neas placed the handcuffs on the rails.