L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Det #206, "SCUTTLEBUTT NEWS", Jan-Feb 2023 -Page #3
US Navy deck gun

When the VFW hall on Route 10 in Whippany was sold in June of 2022 the US Navy deck gun had to be moved or demolished. The VFW choose to move and restored it.

The moving/hauling was done by Gary Szucs of Hopatcong Rigging Co. Once delivered at the facilities in Rockaway, NJ., the restoration that was to be done took place. The restoration was under the guidance of Brian Vradenburg at Best Blast 2 of NJ.

The restoration of this piece took a bit more poundage of sand than anticipated. They had anticipated about 1350 pounds, but that went to over 2200# to complete. After the blasting Brian painted it in the true battleship grey enamel.

Next was to haul it back to Whippany by Gary Szucs of Hopatcong Rigging Co. and place it onto the base at Veterans Field.

There is a bronze plaque to be completed and it will give all the guns information. Currently, it has a laminated paper plaque adhered to the gun.

On Veterans Day during the ceremony in the Community Center, George Coppola the Commander of the VFW Post 5351 led the dedication and presented the deck gun to the Township Of Hanover.

After the dedication was completed, the attendees had a light lunch of sandwiches, potato chips and soda. Cake and coffee finished off the gathering.

Semper Fi,

Tom Miller