L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Oct 2020 - #6
2020 Golf Outing

About 0900, the first of the 102 golfers started to arrive. By this time the coffee was on and donuts were flowing. They checked in and registered with John Andrews, Linda Neas and Debbie Burkland. Then they went up onto the patio and checked out all the 38 raffle prizes before purchasing tickets from Char Bowie.††Art Bowie and Tom Miller were busy getting the golf carts ready with bottles of water and a special gift in each one. Tom drove out and placed the HONOR?HOLE?SIGNS onto the various holes. Keith was there with Mike Lewis and they were busy snapping pictures of everything.

Those in the background were people like Kathy Ascensao, Linda Neas, †Margaret Brown. We canít forget Jim Grawehr who donated the bicycle and all the people and businesses who made the special raffle gifts and door prizes available.†

As more golfers came they were sold raffle tickets for the beautiful prizes. Tom waited for anyone to make a donation to Marines Care as he had four different signed and numbered limited edition prints ready to give out. No takers so, he guesses the price will go up for these eagle prints. One painting of these is currently in an international show and another was in two years ago where he received a third place.

About 11:00, The Club at Picatinny presented a lunch of hot dogs and hamburgers with beans, coleslaw and potato salad to a hungry crew. A short time later there was a short welcoming program to the group. They were anxious to get started and everybody was ready.†

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