L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Oct 2020 - 10
Installation meeting

The installation meeting for the Slattery Detachment on October 8th went of on schedule. It was only the second indoor meeting since Covid-19 hit so there were precautions were in place. The dozen tables were set up with only 4 chairs to accomodate the expected 40 or so guests and members. This didnít last long as the chairs were moved and only 6 of the tables utilized. So much for the social distancing.

The meeting started on time at 7:00 and all were present except Norm Nutt. Eddie had roll call and then introduced the visiting guests. About 7:30, John Andrews made the motion to halt the normal agenda and proceed on to the installation of officers.†

The Commandant called up Colonel John Cleary, who is the Department of NJ MCL Sr. Vice Commandant to get the activities off and running. The Colonel went over a few things and said he was impressed on how the detachment has reached out financially. He was impressed on how we have gone locally and inter-servicewise, but also familywise and nationally. He said he wished other detachments would take the lead like we do.

After his talk, he introduced other influential members of the state MCL, Department of NJ MCL Commandant, Joseph DíAngelo, District 9, District Vice, Sal Cenicacelaya, District 9, Assistant District Vice, Hector Schorno and District 3 Vice, Jason Hauck.Then he called up his team and began the officer installation. He called up the officers to be installed and began the pledges. Up marched Eddie Neas (Commandant), Michael Lewis (Sr. Vice), Paul Brown (Jr. Vice) and Mike Dougherty (Judge Advocate), followed by Jim Loizides Adjutant/Paymaster) and Debbie Burkland (Deb will be taking over the Paymaster job), Dan Danzi (Chaplain) and Anthony Oszmianski (Sgt. at Arms).

The service went smooth and all but Eddie were escorted back to their seats. Eddie then was given specific questions to answer and orders. He was then escorted back to his seat. Colonel Cleary then spoke to the audience, retired his team and ended his duties.

The $81.00 prize of the 50-50 was won by Paul Browns wife. There were about 15 other prizes. After all that was done, we ended the meeting and went to the dinner from Mangianos.

The dinner consisted of a beautiful array of penne vodka, chicken francese, veal marsala, shrimp parmigiana, sausage, peppers & onions, antipasto salad, tossed salad w/dressing and bread. For dessert there was an olive green with yellow markings of Officers Eat Last sheet cake and a big bowl full of Amaritti Italian cookies (made in Italy) and frosted oatmeal cookies. There was coffee, milk, water and beer to drink. It was enjoyed by all and people took home leftovers.

An enjoyable fun evening for our Marines, their wives, friends and guests. Now, its on to running and building our detachment and getting rid of this BS virus.†