L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Mar 2020 - #5
Chief Richard Skinner and Capt. John Calamari are Sworn in

Last night we had the honor of doing the the color guard for Marine Sgt Skinner of D Co - G Co 2/25.

Chief Richard Skinner and Capt. John Calamari are Sworn in at the Township of Washington Council meeting on Monday January 20, 2020 at 7:30 PM. Semper Fi, Great job Marine

Lyons Visit of February 15th

On Saturday, February 15th, The ďDanzi HerdĒ went down to Lyons VA for our bi-monthly brunch. Dan was joined by Ted Jamas, Tony Oszmianski and Tom Miller on the drive down while Keith Butler drove Anthony Fiorentino down. Mike Lewis, Mike Dougherty and Dave Katz met us there.

We unloaded Danís car and went up to be greeted by a nice group of vets. Everyone then jumped in to slicing the rolls and preparing them with butter or cream cheese. The donuts, crumb buns and bananas were arranged and the coffee was already made.

Everything was clicking and the vets were enjoying the food and the conversations with various members of the detachment. We passed out the commissary money vouchers and made last minute requests and then started to pack up. There was extra food left over so Keith took it up to the Hillside Manor in Dover to a vetís house for the eight guys who live there.

Keith took pictures, we packed up and headed out. Another good event.We donít have a date as of yet for the next one. It will probably be in April - only time will tell.