L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Mar 2020 - #4
Commandant's Corner

The Sgt.Mjr. Has A Heart. I believe most of you know that the Commandant had congestive heart failure and had a heart valve replaced on February 10th. Contrary to the rumors of not only being void of a heart and that it was a pigs valve for the heart that they replaced the almost totally broken one with, both were wrong. It was a valve from a cow, so he’s “mooing” right along now, he’s getting better each day. We’ll be able to “milk him” after he recovers in about six weeks. If you would like to send an email to: Eddie.

Note: Eddie hopes you all will just chip in and help “Make Slattery Greater” (MSG).

Visit with Pete

(L-R) Tom Miller, Rose Miller, Marie & Pete,Father Mike Hanly On January 20th there was a small meeting at Commandant Pete Gallos house. The gathering was attended by Father Mike Hanley, Tom and Rose Miller. Pete and Marie were the hosts and warmly welcome the visitors. Father Mike was the first to arrive at 10:30, followed a short time later by Tom. Tom’s wife, Rose was at her weekly exercise meeting in Cedar Knolls and finally arrived about 11:15 to another warm greeting with friends and her favorite priest.

Pete looked good as did Marie and he said that they were doing well. Father Mike was in good spirits as he told several stories about his new living arrangements. After this exchange of conversation for about 30 minutes we retired to the dining room. Father Mike had a bunch of great stories and we all laughed at some.

On the table was a bowl full of tasty grapes and shortly there after, Marie brought out her delicious homemade walnut cake and soon the coffee was flowing as was more stimulating conversation. Marie asked if anyone wanted seconds on the cake, which we finished off a short time later.

After several hours of friendship we were finally winding up when Father Mike held one of the main reasons we all had gathered - he held communion for each of us. Truly a fitting moment to a grand gathering.

We then said our farewells and finally departed about 1:30.

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