L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Jun 2020 - #8
Zoom Meetings

Slattery Detachment Zoom Meeting - May 21st We got together via the internet and had a detachment meeting on Thursday, May 21. Eddie called the meeting a week earlier and the date was good for most people. There were about 16 members at the meeting and it went rather well. I’ll miss a few if I try to name them all. The names of some of those who were on the Zoom meeting are at the bottom of their pictures.

The main things that were discussed were the ”rose outings”, the golf outing, possible next meeting and any problems that we were aware of. Daves’ daughter, Susan, chimed in with a thank you to all of Slattery for helping her out during her time of need. Debbie is working on updating the rooster which has numerous mistakes.

• The rose outings Bob Stalzer has put on hold until at least September. It makes sense not to have them as it wouldn’t leave a good picture if we were out there with masks on and 6 feet apart plus so many people are not working.

• The golf outing is another one we are going to wait and see on. By mid-June we should know better. I really don’t think having it in July is going to work but we’ll see.

• Eddie wants to have another Zoom meeting in early June but as of this date we are on hold. And, there was really nothing new as far as any problems. We did discuss things that were brought up at the state level. One of the items was to get in names for scholarships from the state MCL.

That was about it, we were on the Zoom meeting for about an hour. It was interesting and Steve Ferman was the host (the guy who runs the meeting) and he did an excellent job at it. Artie came in from Denver where he now lives, Don Patterson from Maryland, and I think Keith Butler was in Nevada. The rest of us were in our homes so no pizza was ordered.