L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Feb 2020 - #7
Detachment Social by Tom

It is so hard to explain to those who cannot understand!  What it is like to see a friend die, in a far off and distant land!  Or feel the sweat, fear,and anger that turns a boy into a man!Forget you say…

There are thousands of names engraved into aMonument of polished marble black,And for each of those names are memories of thoseWho didn’t make it back!


That’s easy for you to say…

You were not with them, when they met hell face to Face and died that day.


Forget you say!  Forget the fear, pain and death.We’ll forget!  Oh yes, we’ll forget……When we take our final breath.

Mike Miller                                  Viet Nam Veteran  

The “Marine of the Year” part of the program began with Eddie and John calling up all the previous “Marine of the Year” members before the name of the new “Marine of the Year” was announced. PFC Robert Stalzer was chosen and received it for all the work he preformed in 2019. It was well deserved as Bob led the Rose Program and helped raise thousands of dollars in the 7 different places that Slattery collect donations. He worked hard and the members saw this thus he earned, the 2019 Marine of the Year.

Shortly after we adjourned the program and began the dinner part. That went well and the food was enough for all. Our four guests table were first in line. Not much left in the end but, Tom did manage to get a small container for Pete and Marie Gallo who could not make it. Marie loved it.

As we finished up with the main encores and salads, the cake, cookies and coffee took over. By the time the 50/50 was called (Lois Gomez won the $98) and the cake was almost finished the raffle started. There were only two small pieces of each left when I went up to get a slice. I believe the final four pieces of cake went home with a couple of the guests. Both types were delicious with the yellow cake being favored. The cake was from ShopRite who gave us a seldom discount on the odds and ends and cake. Coffee was excellent and there was Half & Half, 2% milk and a hazelnut flavored creamer to go with it. 

As the raffle tickets were picked and the nine prizes left with new owners, the party started to break up. Bob Stalzer won a nice frames and matted eagle print of Tom Millers. There were no bottles of wine this year as raffle prizes, as most of it was drunk. There was a bottle of Jarhead Red wine however. It was a good time for all and it ended about 9:30 and produced a fun 3 hours of friends meeting friends.

As the MCL Holiday Gathering ended, the Slattery Detachment members wished our guests  “Thank You” for coming and to have a Happy New Year.

And, we wish all of you who are reading this A Very Happy & Healthy New Year.