L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Feb 2020 - #5
Detachment Social by Tom

The 2020 Slattery Holiday Social

Our 2020 Slattery Detachment Holiday Social took place on Wednesday, January 8th when we met for our monthly detachment meeting. This all took place at the American Legion Post 155 in Whippany. 

At 1830, guests started arriving in the upstairs hall. The Commandant and his wife, Linda, were several of the few who were there when the first invited guests, Marylou Panzano and her husband entered. Tom Miller was just finishing setting up the bar area with John Andrews when Marylou came in. But let us revert to what got us to this point.

Setting the 8th of January as the date for the social was kind of a “no-brainer” as it was the 1st Wednesday that followed New Years Day. A lot of things had to be done working up to this date with the holidays getting in the way only slightly. John set up getting OK for the hall on January 8th prior to the December meeting. Jim Loizides had to start getting the party fees and names of those planning on attending during the December meeting. Tom had to get the information out via emails. This 3-man team was off and running.

It really didn’t help with the holidays getting in the way, but the Social was on its way. Invitations were delivered or mailed out. We started out with a grand total of 20 in early December after the monthly meeting was over. Jim and Tom had a meeting at Mangianos to set up the dinner menu. John was busy so he could not be there. So, over a great “Grandma” pizza, they looked at who either said they were either interested or might be coming and estimated to total would be 60 to 65. Aki one of the managers came over later and the catering order was set for 65. 

The menu that was picked came off their catering menu. Jim wanted to add a tray of meat balls which was an excellent choice. Naturally, the cost went up, but it was worth it. The deal that was received in the end more than compensated for the extra dish.

The attendance count for the gathering started off slow with the first detachment meeting night only being in a dozen at the most. By the week of Christmas, the total attending had risen to the mid-40s and a week later mid-50s. Things were looking up and 65 was a good estimate. Right before the Social it was 60 and the day of the social 69, but as we have seen in previous years there were always those that say they are coming and do not show up. And, there are those that say nothing and show up. We ended up with 63 - a good count and right in the middle of Jims estimate.

So, back to the jobs of making the social a time of fun for all. John was busy making the Certificates of Appreciation for some of the guests. Bayer would get one, as would the Corvette people. Bayer presented our Marines Care with a sizable check at their Toys for Tots gathering in early December. Also, the Natural Glass Corvette Association assisted us during the summer. 

John also had to get together the plaque for the Marine of the Year and a check from Jim for the American Legion. The Legion allows us to meet in their hall at no charge so this also was a no brainer. The plaque came in time for the presentation at the social. While this was going on, Jim was visiting the post box and checking on those who might be coming as well as working his full-time job.

Tom was picking up the needed items for the pre-social “gathering and mingling” which was to take place at 6:30, a half hour prior to the planned short meeting. The were pretzels and chips to pick-up; soda and water to gather and wine to get a good price on. Also the full sheet cake had to be ordered and paid for plus center pieces and table coverings to procure. The printing for the social had to be created and printed as well as the newsletters. It was decided that John would pick up the cake just prior to the gathering.

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