L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Feb 2020 - #2

Liz Hackett and Janice Jamison started making “dog bone like” pillows eleven years ago just to somehow satisfy their desire to help the men and women who stand up for the USA and are injured in the line of duty. To date, over 6,000 of these comfort pillows have been cut out, stuffed and sewn by females of all ages who primarily live in New Jersey. They are distributed by Gunny Monaco and Don Patterson, both retired Marines, as well as other patriotic Americans to our wounded military personnel at Walter Reed Hospital as well as placed on incoming planes at Andrews Airforce Base. Other pillows have gone into care packages, to Veterans’ homes and any place a Veteran is encountered. Liz states that as long as there is a need for them, we will continue to make them.

Commandant's Corner

We are now two months into 2020. Time flies when you're having fun.

The Detachment Social was a success and there were approximately 66 members, families and guests at this event. Hopefully next year some more members will be able to attend. We have received a few nice donations to our Detachment, and this will allow us to help some military veterans and their families who could use a hand. We can also help other Veteran's organizations that we partner with.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday February 5th. I hope you all will be able to attend. The March meeting is on the 4th and the April meeting is on the 1st. Mark your calendar and hopefully we will see you at our monthly meetings.

We are looking for new ideas and participation from allofour members. We need to be a "Gung Ho" Detachment that does all it can do for the men and women who wear the uniformof our U.S. Military service past and present, not just the Marine Corps and Navy. We need to be there for the families and help support the other Veteran's Organization we partner with.

Semper Fi, Neas Out

Monthly Leadership Quote: Respect

You've got toset a good example, too. You can't just talk a good line. You can fool your seniors and peers sometimes, but you can't fool the subordinates. There are a thousand little things that only the men are going to see. After six months, they know you---they either respect you and do anything for you, or they will just tolerate you.

Lieutenant General James H Merryman