L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Apr 2020 - #8
Frank Garganos other grandson Nico

Frank Garganos other grandson Nico (Matt's Brother).

Nico is graduating from the US Naval Academy in May with the class of 2020. While at USNA, Nico majored in Ocean Engineering, and was the president of the Special Operations Team. He will be commissioning as an Ensign in the US Navy, and was selected to enter training to become a Naval Special Warfare officer. 

After graduation, he will be headed to Coronado, California to begin his training pipeline. Last summer while attending the Marine Corps selection training for USNA midshipmen known as “Leatherneck,” Nico was awarded the “Iron-Mike” title for being the fittest candidate to complete the training. 

He has finished the Grindstone 100 mile ultramarathon, two 50 milers, and an Ironman triathlon. In his first marathon, Nico was the fifth place finisher in his age group at the Marine Corps Marathon in 2017. He is graduating from USNA with a 3.62 GPA. 

Nico is also a team leader for an organization called Gold Star Teen Adventures. This organization works to assist the children of service members who have been killed in combat.

He enjoys wakeboarding, boating, climbing, and hanging out with his best friends from USNA who have become more similar to brothers than to friends. Nico is extremely thankful for these friends, his family, and his grandfather, Frank Gargano, who inspired his desire to serve. He is excited to begin his career of service, and looks forward to giving back to a country that has afforded him so much.

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