L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Sep 2019 - #6
Golf Outing 2019 continued

The stated starting time was 11:30, but there were a few small delays. The lunch got off to about a half hour late start because of the grilling of the hotdogs and hamburgers. Once it was up and ready the line moved right smartly. After getting their burgers the line moved inside to the condiments and salads, relish and the rest of fixings.

Finally, after lunch the call to the starting line was given and they left to view the festivities and announcements. With the program finished they all took off to try and get a chance to win the “Hole in One Car.” 

No one hit a hole in one on any of the holes. That was good because there was no “Hole in One” Car. Not John’s fault as he made arrangements for one but the dealership we were to get it from dropped the “keys.” If you are interested in who that was, see the flyer.

Everything else went smooth for the day and there were 130 there for dinner. As dinner started John and Eddie started the ceremonies. Eddie had guest speaker was Ray Mackey.

Eddie Neas spoke and introduced Sgt Major Ray Mackey and his wife Vickki - Vicki works for the Semper Fi Fund at Camp Lejeune and she spoke on her husbands behalf - also Eddie introduced john Ligato who wrote several books and most recently wrote about 'The Gunny' during the battle of Hue City and John spoke. John and Eddie both served with Gunny Canley in Viet Nam.

John and Char with Jim Loizides assistance did a great job puting it all together. Linda gets thanks for all her assistance with John at the registration table too. Other members and friends helped at the Tricky Tray ticket sales area.

Our Slattery members helping out or at the dinner were Bob and Gloria Beck, Art Bowie, Keith Butler, Paul Brown, Mike Doughtry, Steve Furman, Nick Tedischi, Monica Flaherty and Tom Miller. It was a good turn out. I think John said, “We’ll do it again next year.”