L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Nov 2019 - #3
Commandant's Corner

At the last meeting on Wednesday 2 October, the Detachment had the installation of Officers for 2019 & 2020. I have taken the oath as your Commandant for the third time since I have been a member of the Detachment. I do not take the position of being Commandant lightly for a few reasons. As some of you know, I was in Boot Camp 53 years ago with our Detachment's name sake, L/Cpl Robert J Slattery. We were in the same Platoon at Parris Island, SC. Platoon 121, Bravo Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion. The dates were 21 January to 18 March of 1966.

Robert left for Viet Nam after completing I.T.R. (Infantry Training Regiment) and B.S.T. (Basic Specialist Training) at Camp Geiger. NC. Unfortunately, he was KIA on 6 July 1967 as a member of H&S Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines at a place called Gio Linh. My job and it should your job also, is to honor him by making sure he is not forgotten and to do all we can do in promoting the Detachment and Marine Corps League.

We also have a new Jr Vice Commandant, Paul Brown. Paul is a Viet Nam Veteran and served with Alpha Company 1st Battalion, 1st Marines in Viet Nam. He is a Veteran of both the Battle for Hue City in February of 1968 and hill fighting at the Khe Sanh Combat base in 1968. We both served as Machine Gunners in the same Company in Viet Nam, but in different platoons. I was in First, he was in Second. We connected years ago and have become good friends.

Our Senior Vice Commandant Norman Nutt and Judge Advocate Michael Dougherty were re-elected. The Detachment appointed positions, Chaplain Dan Danzi, Adjutant Paymaster Jim Loizides and Sgt-at-Arms Tony Oszmianski will remain in those positions. SoWE should have a good year moving forward. The Installation Officers from the Department of NJ Marine Corps League were Senior Vice Commandant, John Cleary and Junior Vice Commandant Mike Waluk.

As I said at the installation, WE are not a club, a sorority, fraternity or a place to hang out. We look to do many good things for the Marines and Corpsmen who have worn the uniform years ago and or are wearing it today. We also look to support the other military services and family members. We as a Detachment plan to support the many worthwhile functions and events in the community. We need participation from all of You, not just the Chosen Few.

We need to be better at what we do and Become a GUNG HO Detachment. That means Working Together as a Team.

The Holidays will be upon us in the coming weeks and there will be plenty of things we can do to make things better for those who may need it. Let's make it Happen.

Enjoy your day and "Stay Focused"

Semper FI, Neas Out.