L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, May 2019 - #7
Catholic Daughters of the Americas

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas did a great job with getting items for the man and woman serving overseas

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas was established in 1903 and has developed into one of the largest organizations of Catholic women in the Americas recognized on national, state and local levels. Our Blessed Mother Mary is the CDA's Patroness and our motto is "Unity and Charity." Court Dover #881 was instituted in the Sacred Heart School auditorium on May 22, 1924. Semper FI, Gunny

Fairleigh Dickinson University Ceremony

This month at Fairleigh Dickinson University there will be a ceremony honoring North Jersey high school seniors who have chosen to enter the military after graduation. The Third Annual High School Enlistee Recognition Ceremony is called “Our Community Salutes.” This year’s event will be held on Wednesday, May 8th in the Italian Gardens next to the Mansion. If it rains the ceremony will be held in the Hennessey Hall of the mansion.

Gunny is expected to be there quietly directing these students and the officers with them. How quietly it is done we will have to see. Tom will be there passing out art prints. Should be a good time seeing our future military. About 150 students are expected with their parents. 

Purple Heart and Disabled Veterans Parking Meter Placards

If you are a recipient of the Purple Heart or if you have been determined to have a disability by the VA, you are entitled to an exemption from paying the fee for a vehicle you own at any municipal parking meter for up to 24 hours.If you have Purple Heart or DV licence plates, you need do nothing further. As long as you are the driver or passenger in a vehicle you own you rate the exemption. If you do not have these plates, a visit to any Motor Vehicle Commission with paperwork verifying your status will result in the issuance of an appropriate placard to hang from your rearview mirror when parking at a meter.

The placard is similar, but not identical to the familiar Handicap Parking placard, and does not allow parking in a space marked for handicap users. The benefit is limited to municipal parking meters and the additional advantage is the 24 hour limit.

Some towns have digital parking meters ( and is it anticipated that more municipalities will eventually utilize the technology) but these new meters will provide a method to claim the exemption instead of depositing a coin.

The process for obtaining the placard is simple and the benefit is worthwhile, not so much for saving the initial dime or quarter (although that can add up) but for the advantage of automatic overtime parking for up to 24 hours.