L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, May 2019 - #6
Car for Marines Care

One team one fight

I got a called about a Army vet that needs help and one of the Marine from Slattery det (Paul) gave him a car free!

Joshua Motathey born in Teaneck NJ, 29 years old, he has been looking for a vehicle to commute to work. He has been through a rough patch in life, unable to land a stable good paying job, getting laid over due to pay cuts, and when applying for jobs he wouldn't hear back. He decided to go to school and use his GI Bill for beauty school after a long yr. of school he was able to graduate mind you throughout his schooling he was barely making any money to pay bills and rent which he has fall behind and has creating a big debt in which he is trying to fix now. Upon graduation he began to work with hi's degree to only find out that he was making 11 to 12 dollars an hour barely surviving and on a part time. he got laid off once again because the salon didn't have enough hours to give him another three to four months passed by without having any income or any signs of a job anywhere. Luckily some light shed through and landed a good job as a diesel mechanic now he has the income to pay all his debt slowly but surely. but now he has the hurdle of the vehicle situation stated above. if we were able to help him with this situation it will definitely be a blessing and relieve to know that he isn't about to lose this career due to transportation.

He was in the United States Army National Guard for almost 10 yrs. Feb/2008 -Sep/2017 . MOS Light Wheel Mechanic, he served overseas in El Salvador helping rebuild schools, homes, and winning the minds and hearts of the people living there. He also served in Kuwait working on vehicles for our infantrymen in the front lines. He also provided convoy supply drop off's through out FOB's and COB's. Assisting broke down vehicles border line to IRAQ. He has served proudly, honorably, and with Selfless Service.

Thank you guys again..!

The Last Hoorah

We are all getting there. It might be wise to get aquainted with the veterans benefits that associated with ones passing. A bit of advice to you is not to wait to make or make changes in your personal will. A friend of ours waited and the will was never changed thus the proceeds didn’t go to the planned area. 

Here is a lead to the Veterans Administrations Survivors Kit. Take a look and you will find a few items in there you did not know about. There’s forms for dependents educational benefits, burial benefits and flags to name a few. It would be smart if you get a “heads up” now to save yourself or your spouse time later. https://www.benefits.va.gov/BENEFITS/docs/VASurvivorsKit.pdf

96th National Convention MCL

Attention... This might interest some of you. I have been asked to inform you the the 96th National Convention of the Marine Corps League will be coming up. It will take place in Billings, Montana from the 4th to the 9th of August. If you plan on attending, please let me know so I can inform the State Commandant.