L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, May 2019 - #3
Commandant's Corner

The past five months we have accomplished a lot of things here in the Slattery Detachment. We assisted six different Marine Corps League detachments in five different states. This started in North Carolina and Georgia with Hurricane Florence; then along came Hurricane Michael in Florida's panhandle and with our aid we helped rebuild the Pops Sumner Detachment home which was completely wipe-out; a short time later in California the “Campfire Blaze” wildfire wiped-out the Town of Paradise; lastly, with spring coming, detachments in Nebraska saw vicious floods and we (Slattery/Marines Care Foundation) again stepped in. They are starting to notice us at the State MCL - thanks to Gunny.

We also helped a local vet who tried but could not get assistance from the Veterans Administration for his health problems. He needed a specialize bed that they would not approve so Gunny looked over the case, researched the item and made the purchase. Gunny is a busy man who is not just doing Boy Scout work.

Now, we have to look into the future months of 2019. We have various events coming that we can not afford to “drop the ball” on. Some are fund-raisers and others will show the area just what we do and how we accomplish the truely great things we do. Granted, many times we do not operate alone - we have a solid selection of government and corporate “partners” who time and time again find ways to make our jobs easier.

In May, we will have Golf Company returning from Afghanistan. The 185 members have been away for eight or so months and Slattery will chip in to help welcome them back. It has not been easy for our boys or their families and we should appreciate the fact that it was not us in their position. While in Afghanistan at Camp Shorab, they assisted and help train the Afghan National Army’s 215th Corps. They made us proud, now let us return the favor.

We have had two very good “Lyons Brunch” visits to the Lyons Nursing Home. We usually have a brunch every other month by the “Danzi Platoon” with Sergeant Dan leading. The brunches happen on Saturday mornings from leaving the American Legion at 9:15 and returning at 11:30. We always have room for another helping hand, so join us.     

Throughout the Spring/Summer, Bob Stalzer has set up our future Rose Outings in various places like Corvette Car Shows and Holiday Fairs to food stores. Generally, we have the outings on Saturdays from 9AM to 3PM and they are handled by 6 or so members. They are not complicated fund-raisers. During these times, a member or members greet the public and sometimes explain who we are, what we do and where the money will be utilized. Easy to do. See Bob to help.

July will see our 12th L/Cpl. Cris Cosgrove Golf Outing taking place at the Picatinny Arsenal Golf Course. Not only is it a fun and great time but it is a very good fund-raiser for our Marines Care Foundation. The jobs that we help with range from “hole sitting” on a “Hole in One Wins a New Car” hole to helping around the registration table, to placing signs on all the holes. Not difficult or hard work but needed bodies to solve all the little things. Contact John Andrews or Char Bowie to join the members.

We will be getting into the fall and there will be need to help out in our “Toys For Tots Campaign” ­­and the up-coming Birthday Ball and Birthday Ball ad book. More on this later as we have enough to do this summer.

So, let us get going on Golf Companies return which should not take much effort. As for the other items, I am sure all of you will chip in to make 2019 a success.­­­ Semper Fi,

Semper Fi, Tom Miller

Marines Care
Slattery Det206
Dept NJ
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