L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Jul 2019 - #6
Flag Placement for Veterans

After we finished the sections we drove over to Chris Cosgrove’s plot and held the first of our four ceremonies. Somewhere along the way we lost the Ben Tucker family. There, Art told some of his, Charlenes’ and Chris’ history. He explained the plots which has room for several families and a few other incidentals. Art even had his stone set and ready for the placement of the final date. Tony held a brief ceremony while Art cranked up his I-phone to play the Marine Corps Hymn. 

We then dismissed and moved to the Turrisi plot where grandpa and grandma Turrisi (they are the grand parents of Chris and the parents of Charlene Cosgrove) are buried. A short historical piece about grandpa being in WWII as a member of a bombing crew. Held a very brief ceremony and moved on to the Slattery grave site.

There we heard a bit more history on our namesake Robert J. Slattery. His father (who is buried next to Robert) was in a Hanover Memorial Parade when sadly, he fell and died of a massive heart attack. We heard a bit of history about the detachment and about Robert and then we held a memorial ceremony with Art playing the Marine Corps hymn. 

Our final stop was at Colonel Peter O’Hagan’s plot. There a brief history lesson and ceremony playing of Marine Corps hymn. Ben Tucker finally caught up to us. After some friendly discussions with Ben, he and his family headed home and we headed to the American Legion for some hotdogs and drink.

At the American Legion we turned in about 90 or so flags so we placed about 500 which is not bad for a few hours work. The hot dogs were flowing, the beer was cold and there was plenty of soda. It was a good day, doing good things and memorializing good people. Most of us were home by noon. 

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