L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Jul 2019 - #5
Flag Placement for Veterans

Members of the Slattery Detachment got up early on May 25th to place flags next to the head stones of those who were veterans for Memorial Day. Placing the flags was not an easy task as sometimes it was difficult to determine if the head stone belonged to a veteran.

Before going to Gate of Heaven Cemetery in East Hanover the members met at 7:15 with members of the American Legion and with VFW members, some of their auxiliaries and Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts from Pack 155 and their leaders. This all taking place at the Post 155 hall.

They had coffee, juice, tea and donuts if you wanted it. The little Cub Scouts sure can fill up their plates. One had three chocolate donuts, a sugar donut and 5 or 6 donut holes on his plate. He was asked if he thought he could fit a few more donut holes on his plate. He said, “Maybe” but he did not try.

By 8:30, we had picked up the four gross (576) flags, and were headed to the cemetery to do our normal sections. We were assigned the same three sections on the far south side of the grounds as we have been for the past 15 years. I told the man in charge we would take an additional section as we could handle it. He gave us one of the Scouts sections.

When we got there we found that one of out sections was fenced in and we could not and did not need to do it. So, now we were back to 3. The grass was wet but there was not any standing water. 

The skies were clear and weather was nice and around 68 degrees when we started.  We started with seven member but shortly four more joined members us. Dave Katz, Anthony Florentino, Art Bowie, Tony Oszmianski, Steve Ferman, Jim Loizides, Tom Miller, Artie Williams, Alan Muzeni, Mike Dougherty, Kevin Lawless and Norm Nutt started out placing the flags and soon were joined by Ben Tucker and his family of wife, Jackie along with Benji, Gianna and Kaylee. Now, this was a hurd that you did not mess with. 

We made short work of the three sections after Ben showed up with his family as it does not take long for 16 to set 475 or so flags. That is only about 30 per person.

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