L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Jan 2019 - 19
Hurricane and fire finalization efforts

The Marines Care Unit lead by "Gunny" Monaco of The Slattery Detachment finalized the relief effort right before Christmas. They did this by sending out checks to aid several detachments hard hit by Hurricane Michael and the Camp Fire destruction in California. These two events along with the aid that went to several detachments after Hurricane Florence showed the compassion that Marines do care.

We helped a total of five different detachments in 4 different states. With the assistance of The Bayer Corporation, USA, Slattery and Marines Care made it possible to help these detachments and the people around them. Several "Thank-yous" have already arrived with more expected. A State Commandant expressed "best wishes" and said, "If you guys ever need help there in New Jersey, we will be there for you."

Thank You letters from North Carolina Detachments

I received a letter at the November meeting from the Commandant of the Onslow County Detachment, MCL #262 in North Carolina. Commandant Lee Walker expressed his “thank you” for our support to local Marines after Hurricane Florence and that things were bad for a few weeks. He also included a letter for Mario Monaco that I delivered.

I have been in contact with Lee and with other Commandants in North Carolina and Georgia. Some said they didn’t need help but others confidentially told me where the stood. We evaluated and made the correct choices.

On Friday morning, I received a phone call for a Marine member of the Hempsted Detachment thanking Slattery for the assistance that was received by him. We talked for some time and he told me that his home was flooded out and the first floor would have to be totally renovated.

He said that he and his young wife were totally shocked by the kindness shown and that the money would help them rebuild their lives. He said, “His wife sends her thanks and love.” He went on to say that a formal letter would be coming to Slattery shortly.

Semper Fi,

Tom Miller