L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Aug 2019 - #7
It's a hot Rose Outing

On June 29 the Slattery Detachment held a Rose Outing at the Greater Morristown ShopRite in Cedar Knolls. It was adequately attended by the members of the detachment with nine showing up in the 90+ degree day. The day was hot but it was a clear to slightly cloudy day with a light breeze.

Bob Stalzer was there before 8:15 along with Anthony Fiorentino, Al Muzeni and Norm Nutt. A short time later Tom Miller arrived carrying a cooler with iced down bottles of water. Bob already had the table set up and Tony, Al and Norm were manning the three entrance/exits. And so the outing began.

The morning went well with people taking the cooler time to get out and do their grocery and liquor shopping. Seeing the store was in his home area and does his main shopping there so neighbors and church friends stopped by. The manager, John, even came out and said, “Hello.” Some of the staff stopped to ask if we wanted water or something from Dunkin Donuts which was located across the street. We thanked them and told them we were fine.

As far as collecting, it was felt that the vast majority of the $1333, plus change, was collected in the morning hours when most of the patrons were shopping. Before noon, Benji Tucker (son of Ben Tucker) came in his Shattery red shirt and joined us collecting. Now, that is “wanting to help” and he is not even a member. Benji and his family were at the cemetary when we placed flags for Memorial Day. 

About noon Mike Dougherty joined us and at 1pm. Bob got ready to go when Don Cambell and Kevin Lawless showed up. The afternoon was interesting but slow I guess it was too hot for a large amount of customers to do their grocery shopping. The beer and soda buyers came to Norm and Tom’s door so it wasn’t too bad. 

One interesting moment was when a mother and 3 year old son came up to Norm and Tom. The little guy was in the basket’s “rumble seat” and his mother gave him I would guess 85 cents in coins (a couple of quarters, a dime, several nickles and a bunch of pennies). The coins he “white knuckled” in his right hand. Mom said, “Johnny, put the coins in the bucket.” Johnny looked at the coins; then up at his mother; then back to the coins; then up at us and the bucket in Norm’s hand; then back to the coins. His mom prompted him again and slowly he took one coin and looked back up at his mom and then dropped it into the bucket. Mom prompted him again and the looks to mom, coins, us, the bucket went on again before the second coin hit the bottom of the bucket. This went on for the 10 or so coins he held tightly in his hand. We finally gave him a Rose and the looks to the card and mom started all over. Finally we got a “high 5” and a fist bump from him. You had to be there, but Tom did get a picture, it was a great chuckle by all.

About 2pm, Eddie Moscariello joined Tom and Norm went home. It was slow so we closed shop by 1515 and headed home by 1530. Before Tom left, John the manager came out and found him. He thanked us for coming and said we conducted ourselves very honorably. Sadly, this is the final week he will be working before his retirement.

All in all, if the weather would have been a little cooler I think we would have done better. We did make a good impression and I think the member will look forward towards being there next year. Tom will have to get to know the new manager coming in. He heard the Guido might be coming back in the future.