L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Apr 2019 - #3
Commandant's Corner

Greetings Marines,

The first few months of the year have gone by fairly well without any major problems both in the world and more closely, in the detachment. Now that we are into Spring, we are headed towards warmer weather. This signals the start of our “Rose Season” lead by Bob Stalzer. When Bob gets a location near you, give him a call or send an email to him and volunteer to help out. 

We also have to keep Dan Danzi and the “Danzi Platoon’s” short trip to the Lyons VA Hospital grounds in mind. The next one will be on Saturday, March 16th. Details in the “Important Up-coming Events” area of this newsletter.

Later this Spring will be the Memorial Day Parade in which Slattery is in charge of this year. That will happen on Monday, May 27 which is Memorial Day. And, two days before remember that Slattery members place flags at Gate of Heaven Cemetary in East Hanover, This will happen on Saturday, May 25. We’ll discuss this at the May meeting.

If you have something of interest to the members, let me know and we will (the officers and I) figure out how we can help, what needs to be done or who will take care of it. A good example of this is Al Bischoff’s grandson’s leaving for boot camp. See that short piece on this in this newsletter.

Another major but little work involved event coming down the pike will be Golf Company 2/25 returning from Afghanistan. This will be covered more at the April and May meeting and in the next newsletter (May issue). The exact arrival date has not been set but should fall towards the mid to end of May.

Looking further is our major event of the year, the Slattery Golf Outing, which will take place on July  25 to be precise. We will need a few members to “sit on the holes,” to do the registration, plant signs, gather goodies for the tricky trays, and generally do what needs to be done to help John Andrews and Char Bowie get this job done. This is our biggest money maker for the year, so let us get it done right. Also keep in mind that the ad book will be happening again this year - more on that later.

A lot of things to think about but many hands make the burden lighter and those many hands can still grab those pizza slices at the end of the meetings. I appreciate how you have helped me so far these past few months and look forward towards a great spring and summer. Summer is coming

Do have a Happy Easter or a memorable Passover. Pay your taxes and if you need a deduction, donate it to Slattery. See you at an event or at the next meeting.

Semper Fi,
Tom Miller

Golf/2/25 at Work in Afghanistan

Golf/2/25 at Work in Afghanistan. Our 2/25 Golf Marines battle in Afghanistan more than what we think. Here's and update from March 2 where the Marines took care of business. It was an attack on Camp Shorab (previously known as Camp Leatherneck) where the Marines are based. The camp is made up of several sections and houses the Afghanistan, US Army and US Marines. Bring up the article below by going on the Wide World Web and inputting the following.

A video during the actual attack is on You tube if you want to pull it up. Go to:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb4ZI5IrZfU&feature=youtube March 2019