L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Apr 2019 - 12
Nebraska Floods Hit Hard Continued

Here is an email I received from Jason while doing the research:So from talking to the Marines that have been hit by flood waters, hereís what i have learned. If they were renters the flood insurance doesnít cover anything. The homes that were hit were not in a flood plane because of dikes and levys took them out of flood planes but all failed during †flood. We are having furnaces, water heaters, air conditioners, washers, dryers, etc. all bring destroyed. And, in the foreseeable future, we understand that there maybe some insurance additional claims. That may be in the future, but we know how long that can take and if the insurance company even pays out. And we donít need our Marines going without heat when itís still in the 20ís at night here.†

On top of all of that, our Marines are having mud/sand that came into the homes with the river water. † One Marine had a foot of the mud outside his house and had to walk through it to get inside until I found a guy with a tractor to clear it out for him and all that mud is also in the basements and some may need it professional removed and then comes the chances of mold growing.†

Pictures of the Fremont area (clockwise) - The floodwaters from the Niobrara River in the northern part of the state were so strong they blasted through the 90-year-old Spencer Dam on Thursday, drowning the local town of Lincoln in water and completely washing out a bridge on US Highway 281. A farm near Fremont pictured above as the town as turned into a virtual island after the Platte and Elkhorn Rivers flooded. Highway road eaten out by the turbulent waters. Water pictured seeping into the west side of town despite being the placement of sandbags in Fremont.†

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