L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Apr 2019 - 10
Lyons Visit March 16, 2019

The Danzi Patrol” of the Slattery Detachment visited Lyons on Saturday, March 16th. This visit was the second 2019 bi-monthly brunch provided by Dan Danzi and gang. And, a gang it was - 13 of us. It provided 35 - 40 attendees of the Lyons Nursing home with support and friendship not to mention all the “goodies.”

There were a dozen members of the Slattery group attending plus a daughter of one of the members. Dan Danzi lead the group followed by Tony Oszmianski, Anthony Fiorentino, Artie Williams, John Andrews, Ed Moscariello, Art Bowie, Kevin Lawless, Lee Minton, Tom Miller and Dave Katz. These eleven were joined by the beauties of the group, associate member, Monika Flaherty and Lee’s daughter, Liz Minton. The guys worked but the girls made us look like we were standing still - thanks ladies, you can join us anytime. All hands chipped in not only to serve the veterans, but went around and chatted with most of them.

We arrived there about 0945 and soon had the hard rolls out and being cut as the other items were unpackaged, Anthony sliced the rolls in half and soon other members were either buttering or cream cheesing them. Others were arranging the donuts, Danish and bananas on trays, passing out orange juice or just chatting with vets. Monica was "wheel chairing" around getting coffee for the vets - she's great with one hand and one foot. She says that her foot is getting better. 

The very helpful VA staff had the coffee ready for the residents. Dan had the orange juice being poured into individual cups and given to the various veterans. The donuts and Danish were on trays and followed the hard rolls around for the vets to choose. The bananas and canteen books were the last to be distributed at one to each. We bid fair well and were out of there and returned to the Whippany area by 11:30. Ed and Tom were a bit later as Ed had a flat in the parking lot. John Andrews stopped and helped fix the problem as he has a miniature tow-truck in the back of his pick-up. Artie gave verbal assistance and Monika smiled and cheered us on. Fun day all around.

Hello All!

I was so thrilled to be able to join in on such a worthy cause, visiting our Veterans.

John Andrews had reached out to me on behalf of the detachment to send their well wishes. He was good enough to transport me to Lyons VA so that I may participate in the visit, as I am unable to drive. I do thank him for going out of his way and also for everyone’s well wishes!

I enjoyed our visit to Lyons today immensely and seeing so many friends from the detachment was a good reminder how very fortunate I am.

:)Monika Flaherty