L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Oct 2018 - #4
Morse Code Operator

Over a year ago, I visited my Son at,a  Army Communications school in Georgia. I asked him why he didn't join the Marines, he answered,  "do you think I'm crazy".

My Son was with a bunch of other trainees, at Comm. School, He  kind of intraduced me, to his friends, He said, I told you my Dad was old, Then he said tell them what I did in the Marines,  I answered I was a C/W operator, they all looked confused, so I said Morse Code Operator, they all burst out laughing.    Lousy kids.

Have you ever heard the saying, we were really cranking.  Well it is exactly what we did.  We had to hand crank a generator to transmit messages.  And of course they were in Morse Code.

Also while talking to a young Marine that did a tour in Oki. I asked Him if he learned Japanese? He said no everyone  knows English, I said wow when I was there only youngsters and business people spoke English.  So we had to learn Japanese.

Semper Fi,
Ken Rohiff

The "Dan Danzi Breakfast Squad" visited the Lyons Community Living Center

The "Dan Danzi Breakfast Squad" visited the Lyons Community Living Center on Saturday, September 15th. We left the parking lot of the American Legion Post #155 just before 0930. Tony Oszmianski and Tom Miller rode down to Lyons with Dan where we met with Dave Katz.

The four members did double to triple work as usually there are 10 - 12 members helping. For some reason the usual members had some other task to attend to. Everything went smooth as the VA Living Center staff had the coffee ready when we got there. We buttered our buns off and all the veterans were happy. There were about 45 - 50 vets and staff there which meant that everything we brought was eaten up. Not a crumb left.

The members were back in Whippany by 1130. It was a worthwhile venture by our members.

Semper Fi, Tom Miller