L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Mar 2018 - #5

These are the field stoves we cooked on when we prepared the meals for the Marines of the 1st signal Battalion 1st Mar Div. Korea 51-52.

We had no mess hall working on the field stove preparing a meal and facing the camera is Chief Cook Sgt. Pete Gallo.

In the other photo Pete is filling one of the burners with fuel. Our troop sister ships the Menard and the Menefore, docked at Pusan where we boarded trucks and were transported to and dropped off at Headquarters Company on the West Coast for duty assignment.

They asked for volunteers, to be cooks. There were no cooks in this replacement draft or the in the last few replacement drafts, so they had no cooks to replace the ones being rotated home.

We were part of the 8th replacement draft. I volunteered even though I didn't go to cooks or bakers school. It turned out to be a good decision.

NOTE:: On our way to our destination we drove through what was left of the city Seoul. We traveled during the evening hours To the West Coast. So our view looking out of the rear of the truck was not the best.


Tom Cuningham, Commander, Operation Jersey Cares

"Another amazing packing. 8000 pounds of needs have been delivered to the Somerville Post Office today, which will soon be on the way to our deployed service men and women!Many thanks to DJ, Deb and all those who helped to create the Valentine cards that were packed into each box. Very honored to be a part of such an incredible organization.Operation Jersey Cares will always lead with a compassionate heart as they support our military both near and far".

Good job today, OJC!!!

This is from Pam Gale Guzzi a mother whose son is a freshman at the Naval Academy and who attended her first Packing with OJC.

"The season of Lent it is not only about what you give up or sacrifices, yet just as important is the work you can do to help others. Emma, Addi and I have committed to doing as many acts of giving back as possible during these 40 days.

Today we helped out a fantastic group of individuals who are dedicated to supporting our troops near and far, Operation Jersey Cares.

We packed boxes large and small filled with generous donations of snacks, essentials like TP, dental care and body wash etc., not to mention coffee and gum, antibacterial gel and sunscreen.

There were 45 boxes going directly to this'd aboard ships and 43 more to an Army installation in Iraq. That was only the tip of the iceberg.

Thank you to Eddie & Linda for getting us involved last year and to the U.S. Naval Academy Mom's and MidSibs who came out to help.This is only a sampling of all the volunteers. Can't wait to do it next time".

FYI, in talking with Tom Cunningham about the increase in shipping costs which now is almost doubled. Last year they had about $45,000 in shipping, if the volume continues, it could be $90,000 this year. All shipping costs are made possible by donations, He told me, that the Distribution Center in NJ where the boxes used to be shipped from is now in Chicago. No idea why this was done.

Five Slattery Detachment members and their families helped today. Overall it was a good day and there will be a few more Smiles on the faces of the Men and Women who serve in our Armed Forces who will receive a box or two from Operation Jersey Cares.

Tom Cunningham

FLU epidemic   cancels 2 monthly visits

FLU epidemic   cancels 2 monthly visits & coffee socials at the VA hospital  Community Care Center Lyons Campus  for January & February.

Dan Danzi Chairman