L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Jun 2018 - #7
Student Enlistees Recognized at Fairleigh Dickinson University

On a beautiful, clear Wednesday evening Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) gathered together graduating high school seniors, their families, members of the various military organizations, friends and faculity of FDU to celebrate "Our Community Salutes". This was the Second Annual High School Enlistee Recognition Ceremony that the Office of Veterans Services (OVS) at FDU has hosted.

Gunny Mario Monaco and his brother Dominic Monaco were invited to show their expertise in organizing the students for group pictures and their "grand march into the ceremonies". I know this didn’t please the other services but then, if it was left up to them to do it the ceremony might never had taken place. Gunny and Dominic have their own way of doing things and getting them done in a quiet manner.

There were about 150 enlistees from the various branches (Army 67, USMC 62, Navy 3, Air Force 5 and NJ Army National Guard 13) and 40-50 members in rank from Sergeant to a one-star General who had to be organized so it was a task. One of them was the daughter of Michael Rios, Kait Rios, from Clifton High School. They were a pleasant and polite group.

Martha Papson Garcia and Jeffery Dunn of OVS co-organized a nice ceremony in the Italian Gardens next to Hennessey Hall (The Mansion). It started with the United States Military Academy Regimental Brass Quartet playing the National Anthem. Then the program with guest speakers and the recognition of the 2018 enlistees, the Benediction, retiring of colors and finally “Taps”.

The enlistees then came inside Hennessey Hall and had their choice of water, coffee or lemonade and trays of various cookies before visiting 6 different tables with items for them in information about their services. The Navy Federal Credit Union, USAA, FDU and Fisher’s Popcorn from Maryland had table as well as The Slattery Detachment.

Tom Miller was there and passed out both the “Boots on theGround” and “Ambush” prints to each student. At his table also we the detachment’s brochure and well as other framed prints. The students kept coming and coming and the 150 prints were mostly handed out with the few remaining given to Martha to be given to the dignitaries.

It was a nice gathering on a beautiful evening honoring our future military students. Gunny and Dom did a great job getting them all in place.

Semper Fi,
Tom Miller