L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Dec 2018 - 11
Hurricanes & Fires

It does not seem like over a year since the Slattery Detachments "Marine Care" (M.C.) unit helped out Texas and Florida after their disastrous hurricanes. In 2017, when Hurricane Harvey hit and caused massive water damage to some Texas detachments and Hurricane Irma hit Florida with the same results, Slatterys Marines Care came to their aid. Mario Monaco along with the rest of the M.C. board members approved the checks that were cut to 3 Texas detachments and 5 Florida detachments. A good deed done with no problems.

Now, we are in 2018 and two new hurricanes hit the United States in force. Hurricane Florence came on shore on September 14 near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina with life-threatening storm surge, heavy rainfall, and catastrophic freshwater flooding causing record breaking results. This along with the wind damage caused many to loose everything. The Marines Care unit came with financial aid to several detachments effected by Hurricane Florence.

Dick Schreck of Aiken, South Carolinas James L Hammons Detachment #939 and a dual Slattery member said those in South Carolina were alright and did not need aid.

On October 10th, Hurricane Michael made landfall around noon local time near Mexico Beach, Florida, as a Category 4 hurricane. It roared ashore near the Florida Panhandle, one of the most intense hurricanes to ever hit the United States. With winds as high as 155 mph, the intense storm slammed coastal towns in the area, leveling buildings and structures, flooding streets and leaving a trail of destruction. One veteran storm chaser said that Panama City was so badly damaged it looked like it had been struck by a bomb.

Upon coming ashore Hurricane Michael (the strongest hurricane ever to come ashore along the Florida Panhandle) hit Panama City, Florida which took a "direct hit." The The Pops Sumner Detachment, MCL #65 of Panama City took the brunt of it. There is a new forming detachment north of Panama City that also got hit hard and these Marines will need help.

The storm then moved toward Georgia and on to Alabama by the evening. It was the first Category 3 hurricane to hit Georgia since 1898. Though its strength had decreased, the risk of damage from high winds and heavy rains remained across wide swaths of the Southeast. Needing help at the time was Albany, Georgia due to the winds "totaling out" businesses. so, they were assisted also.

I have been working with State Commandant George LaMont to get the information about who, what and where aid is needed. He has been a lot of help and it is expect that aid will be going to Florida shortly.

Hurricane Help is being finalized

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