L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Apr 2018 - 8
Marine Corps Law enforcement Foundation honors William L. Selden

William L. Selden, a businessman, philanthropist, sportsman, dog lover, innate comedian, husband, father and grandfather, died on February 5, following injuries sustained in a skiing accident.

A native New Yorker, Bill grew up in Manhattan and graduated from Browning College Preparatory School. Bill earned a B.A. from Dartmouth College, where he thrived as a member of the soccer and ski teams.

Bill then served with distinction as a Captain, Military Intelligence Division, in the United States Army.

This is Why the Marine Rose fundraising events are so crucial

Why the Marine Rose fundraising events are so crucial. We can always use volunteers.

This is what the donations  are used for!

The donations  support our veterans programs like the detachment  bimonthly coffee social with a personal visit to the inpatient veterans at the Lyons campus Community  Care Center where. They eagerly await our arrival. We then serve them coffee, OJ, bagels, with  cream cheese and buttered  hard rolls,, hot sandwiches, bananas, crumb cake and a wide selection of  donuts, also sugar free cake and cookies.  Along with .The ever popular  canteen books of coupons that allow the veterans a choice of items to purchase from the hospital canteen, are also appreciated.

Chairman Dan Danzi  and his band of merry volunteers are sincerely welcomed and   thanked for their visit. The expenses for the bimonthly coffee social and visits are provided  by the donation's from the Marine Rose fund. Your  time and effort raising the donations for this  worthwhile program  is greatly appreciated. Some of the  veterans do not get any visitors.


Our bi-monthly Lyons Nursing Home Breakfasts

We would like to thank Dan Danzi for his past service in the detachment duties. Those duties involve being our Detachment Chaplain and for heading up the bi-monthly visits to the Lyons rehab facility where we serve the members a brunch/breakfast. The visits in February and March were canceled by Lyons due to the problems with the flu bug. The breakfast gatherings are on hold now because Dan is recovering from an operation but they should resume during the early summer, more on that later. 

So, send Dan a card or email and wish him the best of health. If you need his address, it's:
Snail mail: 27 Old Jacksonville Rd.,
Towaco, NJ 07082