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Sea Story: My Enlistment in the Marine Corps

On October 29th,  1950 I enlisted in the Marine Corps. For 3  years the military draft was in effect.  It  just so happened that over 100 draftees  reported to the Boston recruiting office on the same day  that I Joined. They had their choice of which branch of service they wanted to join. Many chose the Marines. The length of their enlistment  was at the convenience of he government known as  COG  for at least  2yrs  with the requirement to serve in the reserves at the completion of their active duty tour. After the completion of the necessary paper work and our physicals and then being sworn in all enlistees were ordered to report back the next day. The Marines were  going to be transported to Parris Island by train.

The following day after roll call, we  were taken to South Station where we were joined by more recruits, both male and  female, and some reserve recruits. We all boarded the train. The men were assigned to the berths in the Pullman sleeping cars while the women were assigned  private sleeping compartments for our ride along the East coast to  boot  camp. Along the way, the train made numerous stops picking up hundreds of recruits;  enough as I realized later to make up a couple of platoons. At our last stop we boarded buses that transported us to our platoons. Little did we realize  this would not be our only  troop train.

After we all graduated boot camp and a 10 day leave. we all had to report back to our  platoons for further orders. After a few days,  they bused us to a train station where we again boarded Pullman sleeping cars. We were all assigned sleeping berths. Our destination was California   for advanced  infantry training at Camp Pendleton. It was a nice trip. The porters made up our sleeping berths and yes we did eat all our meals in the dinning cars where we were served by the waiters. The trip took approximately one week making many stops along the way for PT. As I look back this was the Marine Corps plan for us starting in Boston for many of  us to make up the 8th replacement draft to Korea. 

Attention on Deck: Do you have any service experiences you would like to share with us. Please write it up and send to me. Feel free to include photos. Contact Pete Gallo.

Michael John Zarras makes Eagle Scout

(L-R) Mario Monaco, Michael John Zarras, Eddie Moscariello.

Michael John Zarras makes Eagle Scout. He is from Troop 155 that is sponsored by American Legion post 155, Whippany.

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