L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Jul 2017 - #2
Flag placement at veterans grave sites

On Saturday, May 27th, the Slattery Detachment members met at the American Legion before going to the Gate of Heaven Catholic Cemetery on Ridgedale Avenue in East Hanover. There we placed flags in our deceased veterans graves.

We had 17 volunteers with us placing flags, including Ben Tucker and his family. Nice to see him... There was an unknown woman who joined us and has several family members who are Marines. She joined us after we finished placing the flags and accompanied us to a few of the 4 locations we typically visit (Chris Cosgrove, Chris's Grandfather, Col. O'Hagan & Chris's Memorial area - bench/flag).

She was there with her son who is a cub scout and later rejoined us back at the American Legion where we had hot dogs, beer, soda and chips.

Commandant Bill Freeman expresses his sincere gratitude, and thanks to you and to your families for their support and participation making sure each veterans grave site had an American Flag. See this Events Photos Here: www.mclslatterydet.org/photos/yr2017/flags/

Semper Fi,
Tom Miller


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