L/CPL Robert J. Slattery, Marine Corps League Det #206, NEWSLETTER, Aug 2017 - #7
Veterans and their families stand in line to board the Miss Lotta

LAKE HOPATCONG: NJ Veterans and their families stand in line to board the Miss Lotta on Saturday morning. The owners of  Lake Hopatcong Cruise Line   honored veterans from the lake's border towns — Jefferson, Mount Arlington, Roxbury and Hopatcong — with a two-hour complimentary cruise around the lake. Each of the four towns nominated 24 veterans and their quests  for  a tour of the Lake. We gave  gift  bags to all veterans  as they  were welcomed aboard by ships captain  Lee moreau. Mario &  Dom Monaco

Bowie Knife

Saturday,  May 08, 1965 - PFC Greer and I take “Liberty” and go to “Mainside” PX where Greer buys a “Jim Bowie” knife. The sucker is a foot long and in a nice scabber. From Oceanside we take a bus into Oceanside and decide to walk south about 2 - 2 .5 miles along Oceansides main Highway 101. There are stores to look in and the walk is refreshing. This is early afternoon and it’s too early to sit in a bar and drink Coors Beer.

We start our walk south on the western side of the highway and after about an hour of looking at store fronts we make our turn and head back north towards the downtown area. The end of our walk at the turn-a-round starts the residential area of Oceanside with nice houses and bush boarders. The highway is 6 lanes wide and another lane for parking on both side of the road. From the parking lane there is a 3’ section of “grass” and then the sidewalk we are on. It’s a bright, warm weekend afternoon with the temperature about 75 degrees with no clouds and a beautiful blue sky. 

As we walk along heading north cars go by in a normal thing. One heading south yells out. We wave with our arms high. A short time later the same car, a brand-new 1965 Chrysler 4-door, I believe, pulls along the curb. There are three high school male students in it making snide remarks. We told them to “Fudge off.” With that they said something but in a mumbled slur. We said, “What?” and came towards the car. At that moment the guy in the rear seat tried to pull out a baseball bat and get it on the outside of the car. It took him several seconds and Greer said, “Watch out, he’s got a bat.” With that we both backed up as they were in the car and a few steps back and we were out of range. The fellow in the rear seat swung but missed us by several feet. 

We exchanged comments with them saying things about faggots in the Marine Corps and us taunting them about being in their “daddy’s car.” I said to Greer, “Give me your knife.” He said, “No, I don’t want that kind of trouble.” I said, “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.” With that he reached in the shopping bag and handed it to me in it’s scrabber. I showed it to the three of them and with that they said, “What do you think you are going to do with that you #!@$$% idiot?” as they laughed.

I said, “I’ll show you.” as I grabbed it by the scrabber and took several steps towards the car’s rear as the punk swung the bat while hanging out the window and swearing. When I reached the trunk area I raised my left arm with the knife in hand and brought the gripping knob down hard on the trunk producing a beautiful deep dent. I did this several times and left 4 to 6 dents in the trunk before the guy floored the car and took off to my, “Show that to your dad,  We finished up our walk and had some beers before returning to Las Pulgas.

Semper Fi, Tom Miller